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We see ourselves as a family.  Those who have faith in Jesus understand that they are children of God and are brothers and sisters with Jesus. We want to live as a family and love one another like Jesus hoped we would.


who we are for

We are for you.  We, like Jesus, want you to know the truth and love that He came to share.  We want you to experience what Jesus called the abundant life, infinite joy, and hope everlasting.  Many people seem like they are against us, we want you to know that even though we disagree we are for each other and you!

We are for:

God getting all the praise He is due.

Our neighbors knowing the love of God through the person of Jesus.

All people hearing the good news that Jesus came to forgive and not condemn.

We are for the children, our schools, the families in our town, and blessings being poured out on all people no matter who they are.


where we are

We are Christians also know as the church of God.  We live from Cambridge to Hubbard to Eldora.  We don't come to church but we are the church.

We welcome you to support the work we do in our area.  We help many people that no one knows about.  If you would like to be apart of this work please feel free to give as well.


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